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  • Access CX on Remote Desktop Services
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Using CX10 Interface

If you/your department has been trained on the CX10 interface, it has also been made available on TS1.

1. On the Terminal Server (ts1.letu.edu) press the Windows Key and type "Jenzabar" and click on JenzabarCX.

2. In the resulting window, type in your CX login credentials, choose your database ("CX: carsi" = LIVE; "CX: carstrain" = TRAIN), and click Login.

3. Select CARS database and then Select.

4. You will now be logged into your CX menu and can operate as normally.

Using Jenzamate Interface

Due to the way a terminal server functions, the ts1.letu.edu Terminal Server needs to use a different form of client to access CX instead of the Quickmate client. It uses a client called "JenzaMate" instead. While JenzaMate behaves very much like Quickmate once it is running, it takes a few more steps currently to get it to run correctly. These steps are listed below. Unfortunately these steps must currently be done every time you want to launch CX on the Terminal Server. We have some work being done to try to reduce these steps but don't currently have an ETA on that project.

1. On the Terminal Server (ts1.letu.edu) press the Windows Key and type "Jenzamate".

2. This should bring up the application shortcut.  Click it. This should open the application and you should see a blue globe with a jet icon appear in the taskbar.

3. Clicking on the icon in the taskbar will bring up the small JenzaMate window.  Click File and Login.

4. Enter your CX username and password. The third line labeled Hostname should already have sis.letnet.net.  If not, enter it and click OK.

5.  Press Windows Key again and type "Connect to CX".

6.  This should bring up the application shortcut. Click it and answer any prompt to "Run".

7.  A black CX screen will come up - enter your username and password (it will not display any characters as you type your password)

8. (This step should only happen the first time you use it, if at all)  A dialog box will come up asking you if you want to grant authorization for a connection from titus.letnet.net.  Choose OK.

9. Now return to the black screen and choose the menu option 1. to get you in the live CARS database.  The Jenzabar CX Menu screen will come up very similar to the Quickmate screen.

10. The main CX page should display as shown below if everything was entered correctly. If this is the first time you have launched CX on the Terminal Server, you should go to the Edit/Preferences menu on the Jenzabar CX Menu screen.  Select the Hosts tab and if sis.letnet.net does not appear in the large box, enter sis.letnet.net into the top line and choose Add.  Then select Apply and OK. This will prevent you from having to do step 8 above in the future.

11. You should be able to use CX normally.