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  • Adding 'RFNDCHCE' Contact Records in Batch
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This works for adding the same contact record to multiple ideas using a single file. While this article is written specifically for Student Accounts and the RFNDCHCE contact record, it can be applied to any contact record type. Just skip Steps 1 thru 3 for other contact types.


*Note: the ‘RFNDCHCE’ contact record is programed so that a student can only have one at a time.  If you attempt to add a contact record for a student who already has ‘RFNDCHCE’, it will just skip it in the Contact Record Batch Program

  1. Download the Candidate Choice Report from Nelnet.  Choose whatever date range you would like download.
  2. Click View if you would like to glance over results first.  Click Export when you are ready.
  3. In the resulting CSV file that is produced, clear out all the data other than the student IDs.  Headers are not need.

  4. Save this file to a directory on your computer that is meaningful for you.  It doesn’t need any extension (i.e. .doc, .txt, .csv, etc).  You can accomplish this by copying the IDs into Notepad, and saving as a file without an extension.  Filename can only be 13 characters long and must not contain any spaces.

  5. Open up CoreFTP or WinSCP to move the file you just created into your CX home directory (/home/carsids/[username]).  If the file has an extension here, remove it.

  6. Highlight the file and click on the Upload button.

  7. Verify the file is in your home directory

  8. Start Jenzamate and login into CX.  Click on [i] Financial Aid

  9. Click on [b] Document Tracking

  10. Click on [b] Contact Batch Entry

  11. On the next screen, enter ‘STAC’ for the tickler and ‘RFNDCHCE’ for the Resource.  The status and due date are not important for what we are using this contact record for so they can be left as is.  Finally put the name of the file with the IDs that you moved into your CX home directory.  Hit Enter when you are finished.

  12. On the next screen, you will have the chance to review the IDs and add any more if you want.  If you need to edit the information you entered on the previous screen, click the blue arrow and the top under the menu bar

  13. Once you have reviewed the list, click on the green checkmark in the top left.

  14. Click Yes on the next screen to load the data as a batch

  15. The program will then ask if you would like to enter another contact.  If you have another file to upload, click Yes.  Else, click No.