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  1. The Individual Hours screen is where you can add, edit, and review employee hours.
  2. On the left side of the screen, you will see a list where the first 100 employees will appear.  Specific employees can be displayed using the Filter button. Employees can also be filtered by typing in a name or number into the Search bar. Clicking the X button to the right of the search bar will revert the list to the previous settings.

  3. Click on the Add button to access the Add Segment window.
  4. Enter in a Date and Time in. You can use the calendar to select a date or the clock icon to enter a time as well as manually entering in those numbers.

  5. If the employee is currently clocked in, check Individual is clocked in. If the segment has already been completed, enter a Date and Time out.

  6. Select the job code this segment was worked in the Job Code drop-down.


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