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Content on this page is expired. Adobe Connect is no longer licensed by LETU. This page can be archived/removed by January 2019.

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Offering real-time collaboration, screen sharing, application sharing and a pod-based layout structure, Adobe Connect is an excellent tool for class-based collaboration and is completely web-based (does not require an application to be installed locally). A web browser plug-in is required for some functionality.
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Adobe Connect is licensed by unique meeting host. Each meeting requires at least one host and can include up to 50 attendees. Each user with the capability to host a meeting requires one license.

Currently each Adobe Connect meeting host incurs a charge of  $175/year. Each meeting host must be one unique individual at LETU and may host as many meetings during the year as they want (so long as they are only hosting one meeting at a time). There is no charge to the attendees of any meetings.

For information on how to purchase annual meeting host licenses please email support@letu.edu. Licenses are billed per fiscal year. Licenses purchased in the middle of a fiscal year will be pro-rated for the portion of the fiscal year remaining.

Training Resources

Adobe offers excellent video-based training resources for Adobe Connect which cover most use-cases for hosting a Connect meeting.

To view these training videos visit


Please Note: LETU does not subscribe to the Telephone Conferencing Resources service in Adobe Connect so you may skip the video on "Using Universal Voice and telephone conferencing". All Adobe Connect sessions at LETU require the use of a local computer microphone and speakers.

Recommended Equipment:

For best use of Adobe Connect, presenters and meeting hosts should have a webcam (HD preferred), a microphone, and a set of speakers.

  • Recommended Webcam: We currently recommend the Logitech C920 webcam. This camera is available from major internet retailers including NewEgg and Amazon.




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