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While documentation on CX 8.1 does not exist, it is incorporated in the documentation of the various modules found in the CX Documentation shared folder:


New user may find some help in the CX Getting Started Document as it outlines a brief introduction to CX 8.1 as that is the system it is assuming you are using:


Logging in
  1. Look on your desktop to see if you have a copy of CX 8.1 already set up.  If not, go to one of the following links depending on which database you need to access:

    1. Right click on your desktop and select New → Shortcut. IF YOU ONLY GO TO THE BELOW URL IN THE ADDRESS BAR, IT WILL GIVE A LOGIN ERROR.


      Downloading the JNLP and executing it instead OR going to the link directly in the address bar WILL NOT work. You MUST create a shortcut as outlined above.

    2. In the window that pops up, paste the following text minus the text in parentheses:
      1. (Live) C:\ProgramData\Oracle\Java\javapath\javaws.exe https://sis.letu.edu:9041/CXConnect.jnlp
      2. (Train) C:\ProgramData\Oracle\Java\javapath\javaws.exe https://sis.letu.edu:9047/CXConnect.jnlp
    3. On the next screen, type a name that is meaningful for you. Recommendations are "CX 8.1 Live" and "CX 8.1 Train"

  2. Once you open the file, a progress bar will show on your screen as it downloads a new copy of the application.  Next, a firewall warning will pop-up.  Check the box next to "I accept the risk and want to run this application" and click "Run"


    A window may pop up asking for Administrator password. If you do not have administrative rights to your computer, please contact IT Help Desk at 903-233-3500 so that they can remote in and assist.

  3. The next screen will be a large blue window with a small box for entering in your login credentials.  Enter in your standard CX credentials (typically lastname and first initial for your username) and then click "OK".


    If the user's password has expired or has a temporary password set, they will need to access CX using the Connect to CX/Jenzamate (putty session) to change their password before they can log into CX 8.1.

  4. After you log in you will see a screen like the one below.

    This matches to what was in your primary menu in Quickmate/Jenzamate
  5. From here you can navigate to any module you normally would by double clicking on the text or single clicking on the plus sign (+) beside the text.  Any passwords that were used to access various modules in Quickmate/Jenzamate are the same in CX 8.1 .
Email Template (Please copy and paste all of the text below)

Queue: IT-BSM
Subject: {FIRSTNAME} {LASTNAME} has reported an issue with CX 8.1
RefersTo: 192218
AdminCC: valerielewis@letu.edu


  1. Where were you when you the problem occurred?  Please provide the exact path and screen that you were accessing. (e.g. Financial Aid -> Student Processing -> Financial Aid Entry)
  2. Was a field missing?
    1. If so, what field was missing?
  3. Did you receive an error message?
    1. Have you received this error message before in Quickmate/Jenzamate?
    2. What did the message say?
  4. Did something behave differently than you were expecting or were used to seeing?
  5. Were you working with a particular CX ID?
  6. Is there any other information you feel would be relevant to the troubleshooting process?

PLEASE: provide a screenshot of the error you received or the screen that was missing a field, either as an attachment or included in the body of the email.

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