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  • Connect to MyFiles in Windows 8.x or 10
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NOTE: MyFiles is for students only.  Faculty/Staff should use Terminal Server to access their documents.  The article for Terminal Server instructions can be located here.


First, press the Windows key and "E" on your keyboard in sequence. The default view should be "This PC", if it's not, look on the left for "This PC" and click on it.


Next, click on "Computer" then "Map network drive"


Next, add the address for the MyFiles server in the "Folder" field.

    Students will enter the following: https://myfiles.letu.edu/fs/

This will make a shortcut to the root of all MyFiles content. You may wish to make more specific links directly to your personal documents or department shares.

Example for Documents folder: 

Be sure to check the box that is labeled "Connect using different credentials" and then click "Finish".


A prompt for your username and password will appear if credentials are needed.  Enter your credentials and click ok.  You can choose to "Remember my credentials" to save yourself from reentering your credentials every time.  Click OK once you are done.

You should be able to see the mapped network drive in "Computer" under Network Location(s).

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