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  • Enabling and Setting up Conferences
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1. In the course you wish to use Conferences in, click "Settings."



2. In the navigation tab, find Conferences, click the gear, click "Enable," and then click "Save."



3. Click "Conferences" and then click the +Conference button.


4. Give your conference a name, set a duration, chose any additional options, give the conference a description, and then choose who to invite to the conference (this list will automatically be populated from your course enrollments). After all of the settings are set up, click "Update."



5. Once it is time to start the conference, click the start button for the corresponding conference



6. Once the conference is over, click the end button for the corresponding conference. If the conference was recorded, participants can view the recording by clicking the conference in the Concluded Conferences section. Canvas's standard recording feature will store your recordings in Conferences for 14 days and then remove them automatically. Recorded conferences cannot be downloaded.



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