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  • Guide to Incorporating External Resources
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Films on Demand



  • Can be accessed at letu.hosted.panopto.com
    • A recorder for Panopto can be downloaded from this site as well
    • Can be used to produce or host videos
    • CDT can capture DVDs and host them on Panopto. CDT must retain the physical DVD.
    • If you produce your own videos in Panopto, make sure to let the Instructional Designer know what folder you have saved the videos in



  • Can be accessed at www.youtube.com
  • Hosts a wide variety of content, however any videos not on LETU channels are outside the control of LETU and can be removed without notice
  • Look for channels that have an official name and a large amount of past content
  • If possible, contact the owner of the video to see if they can send you the MP4 file for LETU to host



  • Department must approve purchase of DVDs to be used for global course
  • To use in a global course, CDT will need to capture DVDs and host them on Panopto. CDT must retain the physical DVD.


Websites and Documents

  • Articles can be found on LETU’s resource databases here http://lib-guides.letu.edu/az.php
  • When possible download and save the document that you are linking to
  • When using web resources, it is preferred that you use official and recently updated websites
  • Know that all links to sites not hosted by LETU are volatile and can be changed or removed without notice
  • Make sure to save documents in a standard format and with the same name that you use to refer to them in your course.
    • Refrain from using dates to name documents. It is preferred you name them the same as the document/article title.
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