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  • How to Copy the Residential Template in the Canvas Sandbox
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1.  Login to https://courses.letu.edu/ using your LETU email address as your login name and your LETU password.


2.  Click on ‘ADMIN’ located on the left side toolbar. Select ‘Sandbox’ to navigate to the area set aside for you to build your course.  Here you will see all courses that are in the Sandbox.


 3.  To begin building your course, copy the course template:

a. Click on the ‘Settings’ link just under the ‘Residential Master Shell For Sandbox’ heading.

b. On the right side of the page, click on the button labeled ‘Copy this Course.’



4.  Update the fields in the copy process – see screen shot following the list:

a. Give your course a Name – Example: Patty’s Math 1234 Course.   Note: you can name your course any unique name that makes sense to you.
b. Give your course a Course Code – Example:  SANDBOX_PattyMath1234_15_1   Note: you can name your course any unique course code that makes sense to you. 
c. Remove the Start Date by highlighting the date field and pressing the delete/backspace key.
d. Set the Term – if this is a course that you wish to keep as a master, set the Term to Master.  If this is a course for practice and you do not wish to keep this course as a master, set the Term to Default Term.
e. Once the fields are edited, click on the button located at the bottom of the page named ‘Create Course’ - you may possibly need to scroll down to see this button.

5. Wait about 10 seconds for the copy to complete and refresh the page. You should see the Current Jobs show the completed Course copy.

8. Click the ‘Modules’ tab located on the inner left side tool bar.


9.  The ‘Modules’ page contains the ‘Course Build Guide’ which will give you step by step directions on how to build course content.  Note: in the upper left hand corner of the page, the name of your newly created course displays.

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