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When you go into Blackboard, you will see three tabs.  The third on says, “Content and ePortfolios.”  If you click on it, it will take you to another webpage.  Click on the “Portfolio” button and then the “MyPortfolio” button.  Click on the “Create Basic Portfolio” on the right-hand side.  Give your portfolio a title and description.  After you finished submitting the portfolio, you will be able to add information to the portfolio by clicking the double-down arrow to the right of your portfolio title and choosing “Build” from the list.  This will allow you to create links and add documents to your portfolio.

After you click on "Build" (see last picture at the bottom), you will see three buttons.  "Add Content" is used to upload files such as a Word document or PowerPoint.  “Add Link” is used to insert links to Internet web pages into the ePortfolio.  “Create Items” is used to add templates to the background of the ePortfolio.

To use the “Add Content” feature, you first have to upload the file into Blackboard first by clicking on the "My Content" located in the left pane.  It has an icon of a man in the shadows.  You can either create folders using “Create Folder” or you can upload a file using “Upload File.”  If you only have a few files, I would choose the “Single File” option over the “Multiple Files” option because it is easier to use.  Once you uploaded the file, you can go back to MyPortfolios, click on the double-down arrow to the right of your ePortfolio, choose "Build," and then click the "Add Content" button to link the uploaded files to your ePortfolio.

Click on the "Add Link" button to insert links of web pages to your ePortfolio.  You would give the link a name and then put in the link itself in the next textbox.  It is best to first go to the web page that you want using an Internet Explorer, and then copy/paste the address rather than typing the web page by hand.

The "Create Item" allow you to choose between various background templates.

If you want to see your ePortfolio, click on the title of your ePortfolio, and it will open in another window.  Make sure that the popup-blocker is off.

Students have to "SHARE" their portfolio with the instructor in order for the instructor to see it.  Go to MyPortfolio and click on the double-down arrow and choose "Share" from the list.  Click on the "Share With" button and choose "Users".  If you want to share the ePortfolio with the entire class, choose “Courses” instead of “Users.”  Type in the name of the instructor in the "Username" textbox and check the "Send Email" checkbox.

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