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1.   Login to Blackboard.

2.   Click on the "Content and ePortfolios" tab at the top of the screen. 



3.   Click on Institution Content on the left.



4.   If the course is for Undergraduate, click on the "Undergraduate Course Content - General" folder.
If the course is for Graduate, click on the "Graduate Course Content - General" folder. 



5.   Click on the field or discipline of your course, then locate and click on the folder for your course. 

(If no folder exists, please contact us for assistance in create a folder if needed.)

6.   Once in your course’s folder, you will see all files listed that have been previously uploaded.

(In this example, we see the files for the folder "Quantum Mechanics" under the Chemistry folder.)



7.   To upload a file, click on the “Upload File” option under the Upload button.





8.   Click the Choose File button and locate the file you wish to upload.

9.   When complete, you will see the new file listed in the course folder. 


10. To attach the file to a content block in Blackboard, do as you normally would except instead of "Browse My Computer", click on "Browse Content Collection".

11. Locate your file by clicking Browse, then Institution Content. Follow the same path as you used to upload the file earlier to locate your uploaded file.

12. Click the checkbox next to the file then click Submit.


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