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Academic Email Groups are available which provide access to email specific groups of students by School, Department, Major or Advisor at LETU. Below you will find guidelines for using these groups.

Refresh interval: These groups are currently refreshed overnight each day so their group membership may change as CX academic registration information changes.

If you have needs to email groups of students not represented by any options below please contact support@letu.edu.

Authorization to send to Academic Email Groups

To email an Academic School, Department or Advisor group below you must be on the authorized list of senders to email that group.

School/Department Groups: By default authorized senders for School or Department groups include the Dean of the school and anyone the Dean has authorized to send to these groups.
If you do not currently have access to send to a School/Department group below and feel you should be able to, please contact the Dean of your School.

 Advisor Groups:  Advisors have permission by default to their Advisee email list.
If you do not currently have access to send to an Advisor group below and feel you should be able to, please contact the University Registrar. 

How to Email Academic Email Groups

Use BCC Field for discreetness: To email an Academic Email Group, place the email address of the group in the BCC field of your email client. This ensures recipients do not try to accidentally "Reply-To-All" to the group which will fail since only limited individuals have permission to email these groups. We recommend using your own email address as the "To" address to avoid the email looking "unaddressed." If you are using Outlook 2010 and do not see a BCC field, Open a new e-mail message, and then click "Options." In the Show Fields area, click Bcc. For instructions for other versions of Outlook click here.

Addressing Email: For clarity of the Global University Address book, the groups below are not listed in the University Email Address Book. In order to email each group, manually type it in the BCC line of your email client, including the @letu.edu portion of the email address after consulting the list of email groups below.

Sign Your Name: All emails send to bulk groups should be signed by an individual faculty or staff member and provide appropriate contact information (i.e. no emails should be signed "IT Department" or similar). This is to reinforce to students that authorized LETU communications will be signed by a Faculty or Staff member they can contact and help them distinguish such emails from phishing or spam email.

Graphics Standards: Be sure your email follows the Graphics Standards for Email including the Guidelines for Email Signatures if one is used.

Set an Alternate Reply-To Address if desired: Sometimes you may wish replies to an email to be sent to an alternate individual or general department email address. To do this in outlook, when you are composing the email message, select the "Options" Tab and Choose "Direct Replies To" and in the dialogue box which is presented fill in the email address you want replies to be sent to in the Delivery options / Have replies sent to field. Click here for a screen shot of this process.

How to determine the Email Address of your Academic Email Group

Academic Groups include School, Department, Major, Program, and Advisor Groups.

Advisor Groups

Advisor email groups are formed from the Advisor's LETNET username appended to the prefix: SG-STU-AADV- (for NonTrad Academic Advisors) or SG-STU-FADV- (for Trad Faculty Advisors). For example:

  • SG-STU-AADV-JaneSmith@letu.edu would email all advisees of NonTrad Academic Advisor Jane Smith.
  • SG-STU-FADV-JohnSmith@letu.edu would email all advisees of Trad Faculty Advisor John Smith.
  • Special Case: If an Academic Advisor advises students for two or more schools, there will be additional groups which can be used to email only advisees in that specific school. These groups will be the same as the groups above except with the School abbreviation (see School abbreviations in the table below under School/Dept Groups) appended after an additional hyphen. As an example, SG-STU-AADV-JaneSmith-SOED@letu.edu would email all advisees of NonTrad Academic Advisor Jane Smith who are enrolled in majors within the School of Education.

School, Department, Major and Program Groups

Academic Email Groups are formed from consistent patterns of School, Department, Major, and/or Trad/NonTrad and Grad/Undergrad codes appended together to form an email address

To construct your Academic Group's Email address, use the format below including only the bolded CODES in each table - remember to include the necessary hyphens. As an example: SG-STU-SEET-ENGT-GR@letu.edu  


Program or Major

Domain Suffix

AERO (School of Aeronautical Science)

SAAS (School of Arts and Sciences)

SBUS (School of Business)

SOED (School of Education and Kinesiology)

SEET (School of Engineering and Engineering Technology)



-(See list of Department Codes below)-

UG (all Undergraduate students in a department)

GR (all Graduate students in a department)

TRAD (all Traditional students in a department)

NONTRAD (all NonTraditional students in a department)

<MAJOR> If a Major Code is inserted in this position it will email an entire major.

For a list of major codes, find the codes in
parentheses next to the major headings in
the catalog under each school at 


You may leave off progressive right-most columns of information to email a broader group if you have permission to do so. For instance:

  • SG-STU-SEET-ENGT-GR@letu.edu would email all Graduate-level students in the Engineering Design department in the School of Engineering.
  • SG-STU-SEET-ENGT@letu.edu would email all students (Graduate and Undergraduate) in the Engineering Design department in the School of Engineering.
  • SG-STU-SEET@letu.edu would email all students (Graduate and Undergraduate) in the School of Engineering.

Major Codes may be substitued for Program Codes (UG/GR) to email all members of a specific major. For instance: 

  • SG-STU-SEET-ENGT-MJT@letu.edu would email all members of the Materials Joining Major in the Engineering Design department in the School of Engineering.


Table of Department Codes

School of Aeronautical Science (AERO)  
 Flight ScienceAERF
 Applied Aviation ScienceAVTC
School of Arts and Sciences (SAAS)  
 American Studies in DCAMER
 Australia Studies PrograAUST
 Biblical StudiesBIBL
 China StudiesCHIN
 Chemistry & PhysicsCHPH
 Contemporary MusicCMPR
 Computer ScienceCOSC
 Criminal JusticeCRIJ
 Focus on the FamilyFMST
 Handong Global UnivHDGU
 History & Political Sci.HPS
 Jerusalem UniversityJMUC
 Film Studies in Latin AmLAFS
 Latin American StudiesLASP
 Math & Computer ScienceMCS
 Middle East Studies ProgMESP
 Russian Studies ProgramRUSS
 Studies in OxfordSSIO
 Study AbroadSTAB
 Uganda Studies ProgramUGAN
 Univ of South QueenslandUSQT
 Washington JournalismWAJC
School of Business (SBUS)  
School of Education (SOED)  
 Teacher EducationEDUC
School of Engineering and Engineering Technology (SEET)  
 Engineering TechnologyENGT

Major Codes

For a list of major Codes, find the codes in parentheses next to the major headings in the catalog under each school at http://www.letu.edu/academics/catalog/



If you do not see the Department or Major code you are looking for in the resources above or if you have any other questions please email support@letu.edu for assistance.


Technical information:
The "SG" portion of the email address is an LETU-wide standard which represents "Security Group" and designates that you should expect the email address to distribute to a wide range of individuals.
The "STU-" portion designates that the recipients in the group will be students.

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