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As of Fall 2013, LETU has implemented print notifications for students on all lab printers. This change is part of a greater LETU stewardship of resources initiative, with this step geared towards reducing printing waste in lab areas. The following article provides information on how the print auditing system works.
More Information

A popup on lab computers alerts you to the cost to LETU of each print job and displays the total pages of that print job.

These "FYI" alerts are designed to increase awareness of printing in the labs and encourage good printing etiquette.


Q: Is my student account charged for this new initiative?
A: Students are not charged any additional in their tuition/fees to cover this stewardship initiative; students' existing lab fees already include lab printing costs.

Q: Why display cost at all? Show me only my usage in pages!
A: We did not implement a page based system since not all printers or pages are created equal. A gray-scale, duplex-printed A4 size sheet of paper may result in less credit being used than a single-sided, color tabloid size sheet. Some printers also use toner and other consumables more efficiently. All these factors have been considered and each printer on campus has had a cost per page determined from any number of those variables. Keep these factors in mind to help make wise resource decisions. 

Did you know?

As part of this initiative, LETU professors brainstormed on how to reduce physical printing requirements that were previously part of their courses. Your help both reduces environmental impact and encourages appropriate adoption of technology in course curriculum. Now that's ingenuity!

Winners keep score

To see your print jobs' environmental impact, logon to 

Web Printing

You can now submit print jobs over the web to print to Open Access Lab printers across campus. Here's how:

  1. Logon to
  2. Select "Web Print" from the navbar
  3. Click "Submit a Job"
  4. Click the printer icon on whichever building houses the printer to which you'd like to send the job
  5. Now select the printer to which you'd like to send the print job
  6. Select your number of copies and click "Upload Document"
  7. Browse for your document and click "Upload and Complete"

For now, you can only upload PDF documents. Most Office documents and other files can easily be saved as PDF files or converted using software such as BullzipPDF or CutePDF writer, both freely available.

iOS App

LETU's print auditing system has an iOS app that allows you to look at your printing statistics from an iPhone/iPad. Here's how to use it for the first time:

  1. From your Apple iOS device, go to
  2. Follow the prompts to install the Profile. Afterwards, a PaperCut Printing app should be available on the home screen
  3. Launch the app and view your print history from your iPad/iPhone

Printing from an iOS device would normally be accomplished by following the Web Printing method as listed in the above section. However, iOS devices only allow you to access your photo roll from the file picker and Web Printing only works with PDF files, meaning it's not currently possible to remotely print from an iOS device. This does works fine from other mobile devices like Windows RT, Windows Phone 8, and Android.

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