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DreamSpark Premium is only available to Computer Science Majors


LeTourneau University subscribes to a program with Microsoft called Imagine. This service allows you to download and use Microsoft software on your personal computers for academic purposes. 

To access, go to http://www.dreamspark.com and find the "Imagine for Students" section. 

You'll see a section describing Download Products and a link to Learn More, click on that Learn More. This will take you to the Imagine catalog.

Once there, find the section that refers to creating an account. You'll see a "check if you can get more software through your school", click on the "check".

Type in LeTourneau University and select the Information Technology Department - Imagine Premium. After clicking, you'll see a link that says Visit the webstore, click on that. As of the time this article was created, the direct link is: http://e5.onthehub.com/WebStore/Welcome.aspx?vsro=8&ws=1797e830-7fe9-e211-ad17-f04da23e67f4

You can now see all the products available from Microsoft through the affiliation with LeTourneau University.

In order to order anything, you'll need to register on Imagine. To do this, click on the "Sign In" (usually towards the top) and find and click on the Register button. 

For your username type in your LETU Email account. Please note: Sometimes the software is picky about the capitalization of your email address. For example, firstnamelastname@letu.edu may not work, it would have to be FirstnameLastname@letu.edu.

Fill out the form presented and you will be able to access the software.

We manually update the list with Imagine on a semester by semester basis, so if you aren't able to register, please contact us for further information and we can look up your account.

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