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Accounts participating in LETU's passphrase pilot program have updated password requirements below:

  • Must be a minimum of 15 characters long
  • Cannot contain any part of your first or last name, your account name
  • Cannot contain any password that's been included in a known data breach (can check such passwords here: https://haveibeenpwned.com/Passwords)
  • Cannot contain any blocked words like 'letu', 'university', or recent year numbers like 2017, 2018, 2019, etc.
  • Cannot be a password you've previously used
  • All LETU passwords (including passphrase pilot passwords) should follow guidelines for Best Practices for Choosing a Secure Password

Expiration: As part of the LETU Passphrase Pilot, your account password will no longer automatically expire on an annual basis - however you are responsible for changing your password if at any point you believe it may be compromised or if you conclude it is not otherwise a sufficiently secure password. If LETU password requirements change based on industry best practices, users may be required to change their password to match the updated requirements.

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