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  • Managing Employees' Hours
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  1. Begin by logging into TimeClock Manager and navigating to the Hours tab and then click on Group Hours from the resulting menu options.

  2. Adjust the time period to reflect the dates that were sent in the email from Payroll and click Update.
    1. If you use an Employee Filter, apply it now.  For assistance, see Saving Employee Filters.

  3. Click on the Exception Filter and select Conflicting SegmentsMissed Punches, and Manager Approval.

Handling Missed Punches

  1. Each of the Missed Punches will need to be adjusted.  
  2. Right click on the segment you want to adjust and select Edit.

  3. In the window that pops up, adjust the time to reflect what the employee worked and click Save.

  4. Do this for each of the Missed Punches for the employees that you supervise.

Handling Conflicting Segments

  1. Conflicting segments will appear in orange.  Each of the Conflicting segments will need to be resolved.
  2. After analyzing the segments, decide whether one of them needs to be edit or deleted.
    1. If you decide to Edit a segment, 
      1. Right click on the segment and select Edit.
      2. In the window that pops up, edit the time to what it should be and click Save.

    2. If you decide to Delete a segment,
      1. Right click on the segment and select Delete.
      2. Click Ok to confirm that you want to delete the segment

Approving Employees' Hours

  1. To Manage Exceptions (i.e. Conflicting Segments, Missed Punches), 
    1. click on the checkbox at the top page to select all segments.  Then click on Manage Exceptions.

    2. Select Conflicting ShiftsMissed Punches, and/or Manager to approve the different exceptions for the segments you have selected. Then click Apply.

  2. To approve a segment, click on the checkbox under M for Manager.

  3. To approve all the segments currently displayed, simply click on the header icon itself.


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