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The LETU preference is that no mass emails be sent. While exceptions may occasionally be required, sending out communication to each set of our LETU family members can be done as follows: 

  • For traditional students: The weekly Communicator (distributed on Mondays). Send requests to communicator@letu.edu.
  • For non-traditional students: Contact our Student Life staff Ext. 4410 for information on communicating in large groups to non-traditional students.
  • LETU Buzz: The LETU Buzz app has an announcement mechanism. Contact Student Life or Steve Conn for access to sending announcements.
  • For LETU employees: The weekly LeTourNews (distributed on Thursdays). Send requests to letournews@letu.edu.
  • For Non-LETU email addresses: Email to non-LETU addresses are approved through our University Marketing and Communication (UMC) department. Any questions on next steps for emails outside of LETU, please contact Kate Gronewald (KateGronewald@letu.edu) for further information. Any message from LETU sent to a non-LETU email address must comply with the federal CAN-SPAM act including instructions for opting out and physical address disclosure (see guidelines for business here). Please consult Information Technology if you need more information on appropriate ways to comply with this federal requirement.
  • Exceptions: Exceptions to the communication methods above must be approved by The Dean of Students for student communication, or relevant members of the cabinet or Chief Information Officer for other forms of communication. Exceptions involving the use of email should follow guidelines for LETU-Wide Email Requests.
  • Technology Guidelines Requirements: As detailed in the Email Communication section of the LeTourneau Technology Guidelines, the use of "mass mailings" by most users to address large quantities of LETU users via direct e-mail is not permitted without required approvals above. If you believe your job requires you to send a single email to large numbers of recipients please first consult with your supervisor or with Information Technology to confirm if there is already a system in place to meet that need.
  • System Recipient Limits: There is a system limit on any single internal email of 100 recipients. External emails are limited to no more than 500 total recipients per hour per sender. Even emails which have recipients below these limits must conform to the guidelines above. If you need to email more people than this you may contact support@letu.edu for guidance in the most appropriate way to reach your audience.

Campus News

  • The LETU Website features a "Campus Announcements" section on the homepage with relevant news for students, faculty and staff. These items can be directly posted by approved department representatives. Contact the marketing team at Ext. 3296 for details on how to apply for approval to publish to this area. 

Calendar Events

Chapel Announcements

Allen Family Student Center and University-Wide Digital Signage

Constant Contact

Several departments on campus use Constant Contact to communicate with non-LETU addresses. As mentioned above under "For Non-LETU email addresses" this helps keep us in compliance with Federal law. If permission is approved, contact IT for information on setting up your Constant Contact account. We have an umbrella account that offers some savings to the standard pricing.

Pricing as of July 2014 is shown below (note this is not a firm quote - pricing posted by Constant Contact at the time of purchase is the only guaranteed price.



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