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LetNet MyFiles provides access to files located on LETU storage services from anywhere on the Internet. This includes access to all of the files Students, Faculty, and Staff access from the (\\letnet.net\fs\) file shares including personal Documents, department shares, academic shares, applications, and other storage locations.

MyFiles is available from anywhere since it is accessible from LetNet (the on-campus University Network) and from the Internet. To provide access to MyFiles anywhere in the world, we use address links beginning with https://myfiles.letu.edu/fs/ when accessing MyFiles from the Internet or Student Residence Halls while from University-owned machines on a LETU campus we use the \\letnet.net\fs address convention. Both addresses point to the same underlying folder structure (detailed below).

To ensure security of your information, remote access to MyFiles uses WebDAV (a technology that operates over the same HTTPS ports used by secured websites like bank or credit card websites).

Important: The guide to storage locations below references file locations that can be access directly within a web browser (https) and those that can only be accessed from LETU-based computers (\\letnet.net\fs). If you want to open and save files as you do with local storage and you are off-campus, you will need to follow the instructions in the "How to Access MyFiles on your Device" section below for your operating system to map a file explorer drive to MyFiles rather than opening the https:// links in a web browser.

For more information Click a link Below:

MyFiles Storage Locations

How to Access to MyFiles on your Device

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