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Here you'll find ideas and articles on helping you be more productive with the tools we have. As Christian's, we are called to bring love to one another and shalom (or peace) to this world. We find in our own lives that this shalom God provides for us is not in our own lives. Many times our technology takes shalom from us. 

From Tim Challies and Do More Better (2015):  Productivity is effectively stewarding my gifts, talents, time, energy, and enthusiasm for the good of others and the glory of God ( 


We'd be anxious to know what you find brings shalom in this world of "busy-ness" and chaos. 


Feel free to request new topics, provide articles, comment and suggest training.


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  1. Documenting some ideas I've been thinking of:

    Sharing Outlook calendar/inbox

    Using Previous Versions

    Snipping Tool

    Cut/Paste (moves a file) vs. Copy/Paste (copies a file)

    How to create and understand Shortcuts

    When people say "double-click," they're referring to clicking the "left" mouse button twice in a row

    Difference between forward slashes (/) and back slashes (\)