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  • Restore Deleted items in LETU Webmail
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Deleted Items

If you accidentally delete items you want in LETU webmail, you have a limited time where you may recover those items.

The easiest way to do this is by visiting your "Deleted Items" folder in LETU Webmail, selecting the message you want to retrieve and selecting "Recover"

Recover Deleted Items (Webmail)

In some cases, you may have emptied your Deleted items folder or the messages may have been deleted in a way that bypassed the Deleted items folder. In this case you can use the "Recover Deleted Items" functionality to access items that have been removed from the Deleted Items folder. Items in this state are not retained very long so you'll want to do this as soon as possible once you determine you want a deleted message.

First, click on the Deleted Items folder, and then click on "Recover Deleted Items" as below:

Now you'll be given the ability to search for items that you would like to recover. To do so - find the message(s) you are after and select the checkbox to the left of each item - then click "Recover"

Recover Deleted Items (Outlook)

If you use Outlook, you can either choose to login to your email at https://mail.letu.edu to perform the recovery steps above, or if you are on Outlook 2016 you can use the "Recover Deleted Items" functionality from within your Outlook client as below:

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