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How to send-on-behalf of another user in Outlook

To Send-on-behalf of another user of a general department email address you must first be given permission to do so. If you are not sure if you have permission to send on behalf of a specific email address, please contact the owner of that email address or the Information Technology Help Desk if you do not know the owner of the email address.

Once you have been given permission to send an email on behalf of someone else:

  • Start a new mail message (click New)
    • If you do not see a From box for you to click then:
      •  Click the Options tab
      • Click Show From. This will cause the From field to display

    • Click the From button and select Other E-mail Address...

    • Type the email address or user name that you want to send on behalf of into the From box and click OK. Alternately you may click the "From" button and select the From address from the address book (note that not all general or department addresses may be present in the Address book and may require you type them in manually.

  • To ensure replies are directed to your new "from" address you must also set your Reply-To address (otherwise replies will still come back to your address even though the messages appear to be "From" the new address. To set the reply address click on the "Direct Replies To" button in the message toolbar:

  • Type the email address you want replies to be sent to in the box shown below:
  • Compose the rest of the email and send as normal.

How to Send on Behalf of another user in Outlook Web App

  • First, compose a new email
  • Open the drop down menu above the email labels
  • Select "Show From"

  • On the first time, right click your email and click remove

  • Type the email address you are privileged to send as in the from line. After the first time, you can simply change who you are sending by using the from drop down and selecting a different email.