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Most LETU applications have standard reserved service windows between the hours of 3:00AM CST/CDT and 5:00AM CST/CDT nightly.

In practice, these windows are typically used only one night every few weeks to apply critical system patches and updates. Most interruptions to services last around 5-10 minutes and are resolved before 4:00AM CST/CDT , but occasionally they may take slightly longer to complete and extend into the 4:00 - 5:00AM CST/CDT hour.

Feel free to reach us at support@letu.edu or 903-233-3500 if you believe you are experiencing a service interruption not resolved in a timely manner during this window.

From time to time, specific applications may have additional scheduled service windows outside the hours above. These windows will be communicated on our IT Twitter feed at http://twitter.com/letuit and as applicable via email to key stakeholders of the affected services.

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