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LETU Timeline for Windows 10 Testing/Potential Deployment

  • 2015 Summer: Get ConfigMgr 2012 R2 SP1/MDT 2013U1 up (required for Win 10 OSD/management)
  • 2015 Q3-Q4: Internal USE testing only
  • 2015 Q4: LETU/Dell EPP to get Win 10 on home computers of Faculty/Staff
  • 2016 Q1: USE finalizes LETU golden image for Windows 10
  • 2016 Q2-Q3: Let IT choose whether to install it and use it on their office computers
  • 2016 Q3-Q4: Select Tablets & Laptops with Touch Screens (e.g.: Microsoft Surface); Certain open-access labs (LH 13x/GLSK O106)
  • 2017: Standard on New PCs, Wipes/Reimages as well
  • 2020 January: All computers transitioned to Windows 10, likely by PC replacement, by EOL for Windows 7