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The majority of information on this page is obsolete as of 2015-11-10 due to the system upgrade from v4 to v5. It has been replaced with updated documentation located under BSM Internal space. See Xitracs System.



This is a local service for creating reports for SACS accreditation and tracking faculty credentials. 

Xitracs has its own set of user accounts that must be entered into the system for the user to gain access.  The username set up in Xitracs must match the user's letnet credentials for the LDAP authentication to work.  John Lommel is the current administrators of this system who have the rights to set up and give permissions to the Xitracs system.  John Lommel grants permissions for faculty and Patty McConnell grants permissions for staff such as academic secretaries. <-- UPDATE:  John Lommel may do both since Patty no longer manages the system.

Upgrading the system: 

You can currently check for the availability of an update by going to Administration > System Settings > Xitracs Updater on this webpage:  https://xitracs.letu.edu/accredit/logon.jsp (You will need Administrator rights to access)

Currently there are no notifications sent out from Xitracs with version updates.  Xitracs is planning to introduce a notification/alert function in the future.


Follow your normal procedures for backing up the database and volume prior to installing an update.
During the installation process (Step 2) the Xitracs application will be offline for approximately 5 minutes.

The basic steps for the update process is as follows:

  1. Download the update (if available)
  2. Make sure everyone is out of the system. You can check this by going to the Administration menu and clicking on Current Sessions under the System Reports section.
  3. Make a full backup of the Xitracs database located on sql2008-1 SQL server.
  4. On vSphere, create a snapshot of the Xitracs server. Network Services will have to do this. If possible, shut the server down for this because the snapshot process will run much quicker. If shutting the server down is not possible, the snapshot can still be done, but it will take much longer.
  5. Once the server is back up, if it was shutdown, run the installer process by signing into the site, going to the Administration menu, click on Xitracs Updater under the System Settings section, and click Install next to the update.
  6. Once completed, close all browser windows, and then see if you can still sign in to the site.
  7. Have the super user (currently John Lommel) test the system to make sure everything is working.


Current version: upgraded in June, 2014.

Support Client Portal:


You will need separate credential to login to the support portal.


Xitracs Webpages Available:


For use by Faculty

For use by Administrators/Staff


There is an anomaly for the way LDAP works for the Xitracs system that is worth noting.

The staff portal is authenticated with letnet credentials; however faculty are authenticated using their letu email with letnet password.  Currently this is the way Xitracs pages are set up and they are not open to changing this.  If anyone is having trouble logging into a Xitracs page-check the field label on the page and verify if the credentials are requesting username or email address.  The password in either case will be letnet password.

Troubleshooting the Login Screen for Xitracs:

There are two different types of login screen for Xitracs.  Since this is not the standard LeTourneau University login procedure, this documentation has been created.  The first type of login screen in Xitracs calls for the user's Email and LETNET password.  The other type of login screen calls for the user's LETNET credentials (user name and password and LeTourneau University's standard way of logging in).   If a user is having trouble getting logged in, please view the login screen they have accessed and verify which type of credentials the screen is requiring.  Examples of both types of Xitracs login screens are shown below:

  1.  The typical login screen for Faculty using Xitracs is called the Xitracs Portal and requires the User Email and Password when logging in.  This means the user's Letu Email Address and LETNET password are to be used.  A sample of this screen is shown below:


2.   The Administrators and Staff (mainly academic secretaries and provost's office staff) login screen in Xitracs requires the User id and Password.  This is going to be the user's  LETNET credentials.  A sample of that screen is shown below:





This is a hosted service for creating reports for SACS accreditation and tracking faculty credentials.

It is hosted at https://letu.xitracs.net. It has its own set of user accounts but we use the same usernames as letnet accounts to be consistent.

Kristin, Matthew, and Mark have administrator accounts.

The Xitracs backup of the 5th-Year report is \\letnet.net\fs\departments\ExecutiveAffairsAndPlanning\sacs\Fifth Year Interim\SACS-5YINT-2012 Edition-2012_03_13-09_03.xbf

Documentation for Xitracs is in the Library tab in the Standards section of the Xitracs app.