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  • Disinfect each shared technological device before and after each use. This includes but is not limited to copy machines, fax machines and public computers.  This is the responsibility of the student or employee that uses the device. Use disinfectant you carry personally or that provided in each building in common locations.or space where available, or preferred disinfectant you carry personally. Please note that some harsh cleaners may damage sensitive technology screens so follow guidance below when disinfecting such surfaces.
  • Allow disinfectant to dry before using equipment to allow time for disinfecting to occur.
  • After using a shared technology interface (even when disinfected) wash your hands thoroughly and/or disinfect them before engaging in actions (such as eating) which may transmit germs from your hands to your face.
  • Wipes vs Sprays: Sprays may damage electronic components and so damp (not wet) wipes should always be used instead of sprays when disinfecting technology.
  • Technology-Safe Disinfectants: Where possible, technology should be sanitized with alcohol-based wipes using a minimum of 70% isopropyl alcohol. Avoid using bleach, ammonia or other harsh cleaning solvents on most technology. In a pinch, keyboards and mice may generally be wiped with harsher cleaners if no alcohol-based cleaner is available.