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  • Keyboards, Mice and Touchpads: 
    • Keyboards, mice and most button-based touchpads should be disinfected with damp disinfectant wipes provided by LETU. If wipes are not available, a damp wipe may be made from a paper towel and a light application of disinfectant.
  • Standard Monitors:
    • Do not use any cleaning chemicals (including disinfectant) , disinfectant, or alcohol-based cleaners on standard monitors as they will permanently damage the screen. Alcohol-based cleaners may also damage certain non-glass screens. In general, non-Non-touch screens should not be touched to eliminate the need to disinfect them. Standard screens may be cleaned (though not disinfected) wiped with a lightly damp microfiber cloth. If disinfecting a standard monitors monitor is necessary for any reason, contact IT for guidance depending on your monitor brand and model.
  • Touchscreens, touch monitors, smartphones, tablets, copiers, etc.:
    • These devices should be treated as a single-user device and should not not be shared. A limited number of screens (typically those made with glass) may be able to be disinfected with an alcohol-based wipe only if approved by the screen’s manufacturer.
    • Copier touchscreens may be used with one of two approaches:
      • The plastic stylus in the copier can be used to control the screen and then sanitized.
      • Alternately, the touch screen may be used as normal and then sanitized with an alcohol-based wipe. (As with other touch screens, no harsh cleaners should be used on copier control screens though may be used to clean the plastic stylus).