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titleTroubleshooting TimeClock Plus
  • When a student or employee is attempting to clock in to TimeClock Plus and they receive an error saying they are trying to clock in too far in advance of the pay period. This means that payroll needs to close a pay period. Eight (8) weeks can be opened at one time in TimeClock Plus. The system automatically rolls to the next available week. If all 8 weeks have passed, Friday night at midnight, the system will roll to the next week which is in past. By closing a pay period, the system will roll to the proper week in the TimeClock Plus system. It is normal for payroll to keep 3 or 4 weeks open in the system. Currently, the Payroll Manager is Angela Bryan. This issue should always surface at the end of the pay week, on Friday night at midnight, as the week transitions. If this happens, Angela will need to be contacted on her cell at the following number: 903-240-0805 to close out a pay period.
  • When a student or employee is unable to get LDAP authenticated when logging into TCP:
    • Check with Payroll to make sure the student has been set up in TCP - sometimes there is a couple of weeks wait time - sometimes it's the manager getting the paperwork properly filled out.
    • Check to be sure the student or faculty person has not recently changed their password and are signing in on a Mac.  The way a mac saves passwords, sometimes it is still remembering the old password.  Best way to test is have the person try to login to TCP from your pc.
    • Check to be sure the student or faculty person has not  used html characters in their password such as */>\<  This causes problems with the way TCP is resolving the password.
  • When Payroll is trying to close a week, but TCP says that One or more punches is conflicting or missing approval, without listing any employee
    • This indicates that someone clocked in without clocking out. In order to resolve, it requires an BSM team member to log into the TCP database. Open Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio and use your LeTU credentials to log in. Navigate to the TimeClockPlus database and then to the table called dbo.EmployeeHours. Right click and click Select Top 1000 Rows. Modify the SQL code to include

      FROM [TimeClockPlus].[dbo].[EmployeeHours]
      where TimeIn >= /{DATE}and TimeOut is NULL

      ORDER BY TimeIn

      The DATE above should be calculated by subtracting a week from the first of the current week that is open. If you are unsure what week is open, ask Payroll. Format should be: 'YYYY-MM-DD HH:MM:SS'

    • Look at the top punch and make note of the EmployeeID.
    • Have Payroll log into the TCP Manager site and pull up that employee based on the ID. They can go to Employee -> Edit Hours, search for the employee. It will highlight/indicated which punch is an issue. The Payroll personnel can recitfy the hour.
    • Have Payroll try to close the week again. If they still receive the same message with no indication on which employee is in error, run the query again and repeat the steps for the next punch that was not properly clocked out.
    • Repeat until Payroll can successfully close the week that they are needing to.