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  • For instructions on how to install Panopto Recorder please visit Installing Panopto. If you have any difficulties installing the Recorder please contact LETU’s IT Department at 903-233-3500 or at

  • Once you’ve installed the Panopto Recorder please visit Recording a Panopto Video for a guide on how to use the Recorder to record videos.
  • For instructions on how to save your video stream locally when recording with the Panopto Recorder, see How to Save Video Streams as MP4s When Using Panopto for Windows

  • For a video guide on how to set up the Panopto Recorder please see the following:

    Widget Connector

Mac users: note that the Panopto Recorder looks and functions a bit differently for Mac. For help with the Panopto Recorder on Mac, please visit

Panopto Website

The Panopto website is the place where all recorded Panopto videos are viewed, stored, edited, and managed. To access the Panopto website visit and log in using your LETU credentials (be sure to select “Canvas” from the drop-down, not Panopto).