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Welcome to LeTourneau University!

As the Christian Polytechnic University, we have numerous technology resources available to you. Below is important information you will need for your journey:


Your username is usually just your first and last name together, with no spaces or punctuation. For example, if your name is John Smith, your username will likely be JohnSmith. If we've got another John Smith already at LETU, your username might be appended by a number, e.g., JohnSmith9. Your LETU email address is just your username followed by @letu.edu. In the example above, that means your LETU email address is JohnSmith@letu.edu. 

ID Number

Every employee and student gets assigned a unique ID number which is sent to you as part of your welcome email. It's also printed on your ID card (if you have one), any contracts, paystubs, and in the MyLETU portal. You'll need to provide this as proof of your identity if you ever call in for Tech Support, or if you ever need to reset your password through our self-service portal.

Setting a Password

If you've never set a password, or have forgotten your LETU password, check out this guide to (re)setting your LETU account password.

Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)

Setting up Two-factor or Multi-Factor Authentication provides an additional layer of security when you login to LETU systems. The enrollment in MFA is highly encouraged for everyone with an LETU account. 

MyLETU Portal

The MyLETU Portal at https://my.letu.edu is the main landing page for employees and students which links to many of our other resources such as email, course registration, and online course access (Canvas). 

Email Access

Access LETU email using your LETU email address and password at https://mail.letu.edu

Canvas (Online Courses) Access

Access the LETU online course system (Canvas) using your LETU email address and password at https://courses.letu.edu. 

Microsoft Office

Download a full, free copy of Microsoft Office 365 to use on your personal computer.


Take a look at some of our Phishing Awareness and general cybersecurity info on how to protect yourself online. 

Self-Service Guides

You're already here, but our LETU IT KnowledgeBase is a publicly available wiki that answers many questions about technology you may have during your LETU experience. The search bar at the top-right is a great place to start typing questions to get help at https://wiki.letu.edu. 

Further Guidance

Of course, if you still have further questions regarding LETU Technology, please Contact IT.