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Information and details on available and exploratory collaborative and sharing technology at LETU.

Current Technology for Students, Faculty or Staff (see "Audience" info)

Skype for Business (S4B) included in annual LETU license with Microsoft, free for all LETU family
UsePrimary IM/Voice & Video Chat/Desktop Sharing platform for LETU
ScopeMany to many
AudienceAll LETU, both client and web
MobileAvailable on all platforms
More InfoSkype for Business (S4B)

Big Blue Button (BBB) included in annual LETU Canvas license, free for all LETU academic courses
UseCollaborative Needs for IM/Voice & Video Chat/Desktop Sharing platform for LETU
ScopeMany to many
AudienceAll LETU, both client and web
MobileAvailable on all platforms
More Info

Panopto, site license includes 1,000 hours of recording and 5,000 hours of viewing. Haven’t even come close in the last two years
UseThis is a lecture capture tool, although we have been using it for training purposes, has a live streaming option, can’t get URL until time of event
ScopeOne to many (~100 or so as well as asynchronous)
AudienceMust be LETU member to start, otherwise anyone
Unison, site license under Panopto
Use“Scraping” videos from DVDs and other location for use in the classroom or online. Complies with TEACH Act
ScopeSame as Panopto
AudienceSame as Panopto
MobileSame as Panopto

Support Tools (Contact IT for more information)

Bomgar, $2,000 up-front, $400/yr recurring, concurrent license
UseGreat for controlling another computer, interacting with that computer from a tech support effort, offers recording
Scopeone to one
AudienceStart process, must be LETU, otherwise anyone

UseRemote control of an LETU desktop
ScopeAny LETU owned computer
AudienceIT to any LETU on our network (or DirectAccess)


UseGuidelines for use under development:
Anticipated to be excellent for pushing content to many folks outside of LETU for live streaming.
For archived or public content, guidelines for dept account maintenance under development)
Contact IT before use for any official LETU or public use.
ScopeFew to many (Potentially Unlimited)
MobileMultiple Clients Available
CaveatsPlatform is robust, but guidelines for supportable use within LETU under development. As a result, Not Fully LETU Supported at this time.

Join.me, $119/year per person (free version available, but doesn’t allow private meetings, risk possibility)
UseExcellent for pushing content to many folks outside of LETU. Simple to use (please see Matthew for LETU account inclusion)
ScopeFew to many (~100+)
MobileAvailable including presentation control from iOS iPad
CaveatsExperimental, Not Fully LETU Supported
Camtasia, $200+/year per person
UseHigh detailed help desk training type tool
ScopeAsynchronous only
AudienceHas to be installed on the device, anyone after install
MobileNot available
CaveatsExperimental, Not Fully LETU Supported

Sunset In Process (New licenses no longer available)

Adobe Connect, $175 per year, named user
NotePlatform is in sunset process - Existing Users Only. New Users see "Current Technology" above
UseGood for streaming classes (like TFO) and other many attendance type scenarios, offers recording
ScopeFew to many (~50)
AudienceLicense available to LETU only for starting meetings/sharing, anyone for watching

Not Officially LETU supported (See caveats if any for each service)

Skype, basic is free. Skype for education, premium $4.99/month
UseChat and VoIP
Scopeone to one, although premium is 10 to 10
CaveatsNot LETU Supported
Google Hangouts and Hangouts on Air
UseFree live streaming a course or desktop session, automatic recording to YouTube available
Scopefive to many (have used this with 1,000s)
AudienceAnyone with a Google account

Not LETU Supported

Hangouts on Air archives a copy of the meeting to YouTube. This copy is secured only by the URL (i.e. if you know the URL you can watch the meeting). As such, any content recorded to Hangouts on Air should be considered unsecured and decisions about where to use this service made accordingly.

Google Voice
UseConference calls and calls to known constituents that would normally be long distance including International calling
ScopeVoice (VoIP) only, one to one, but connecting to freeconferencecall.com provides free conference calling
AudienceAnyone with a Google account, international requires charges
CaveatsNot LETU Supported

Being Used / Vendor Support Only

UseConference calls and screen sharing to anyone with a computer or telephone, app available as well
ScopeCovers every known device both computer and phone
AudienceFree service is limited to 10 people or less. Pay services add features like 800 number more attendees, etc.
MobileFull supported
CaveatsOnly vendor support available

Under Review / Potential

Zoom, free for 25 or less on a session for less than 40 minutes
UseCollaboration like join.me
ScopeFew to many although limited in the free version
AudienceStill exploring this option, would appreciate feedback if any one is using
MobileAppears to be full features