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  • Connect to Remote Desktop Services
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Remote Desktop Services are available to LETU employees for purposes of completing business processes remotely.

This tutorial will show how to connect to Remote Desktop Services (also called RDP, Terminal Server, or TS1).

On a Mac, be sure and get the Remote Desktop app and check out this information.

Click on the Start Button and type "remote desktop connection" into the search bar.  Click "Remote Desktop Connection" from the results.

A window will come up.  Enter ts1.letu.edu into the Computer field. Click Connect.

Next enter "letnet\" and then your username, and enter your password. Click Ok

You should be connected to TS1!

Connection to LETU Remote Desktop Services requires that your client support and successfully negotiate an encrypted session with LETU servers. Modern client operating systems which are fully patched should automatically support and negotiate encryption for these connections without further configuration by the end-user.