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  • How long are emails and other items in Deleted Items kept?
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When you delete an email in Outlook or LetNet webmail, it is typically moved to the Deleted Items folder.

Due to the large number of email items deleted daily at LETU, to make the best use of LETU resources, after 30 days, items in your Deleted items folder will be removed automatically.

In some cases, certain email items may not always be deleted after 30 days due to the nature of how items are retained if Outlook or LETU Webmail interacts with them and future conversations. This should not be taken as an indication those items will always be available as they will generally be removed in the future once it has been more than 30 days since they were last needed for any specific Outlook or Webmail conversation interaction. 

For this reason, the deleted items folder should not be used as a record of emails you wish to reference in the future. If you would like to keep email for future reference we encourage the creation of sub-folders to retain email you wish to keep. You may right-click on your Mailbox name or Inbox (depending on where you want to sub-folders to be created) and select "New Folder" in most interfaces to make a new folder.


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