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You are seeing this page because you clicked a link in an email that wasn’t what it seemed.


you've been phished

LeTourneau University routinely conducts self-phishing campaigns where we send emails designed to look like those sent by cyber-criminals. We hope this encourages our campus community to remain vigilant and know how to spot these social engineering email attacks known as Phishing.

Phishing emails entice you with offers or scare you with threats of loss to trick you into entering a malicious site and handing over sensitive info. In a real phish, the attackers would now have your LETU username/password. However, we did not store any passwords you may have submitted.


If you suspect a phishing email, please immediately delete it. Further training videos, a Canvas course link, and an example phishing email that's been annotated are included below to help you develop an intuition for spotting these types of attacks.




Michael Davis, our Director for User Support & Engagement, presented on Information- and Cyber-security. He'll help you develop an intuition for spotting phishing emails and cover much more about keeping your technology secure. Check out the playlist for the recorded session here: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLrRuB9O5HO7SaCBerBn3ddX6HJVdCwEC5



We recently shared a short training video on our Information Technology YouTube channel on an example phishing attempt. 

We also have a short Cybersecurity training course in Canvas in which you can self-enroll and learn more. Go to https://courses.letu.edu/enroll/HE7FG9 to begin. 




Annotated Example Phish