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LETU uses Multi-factor authentication to enhance the security of your LETU account and any information it provides access to. Currently this service is active for LETU Email and Microsoft Office 365 applications including OneDrive, Skype for Business and Office Online.

Multi-factor authentication uses two or more pieces of proof (factors) that you are who you say you are such as:

  1. Something you know (i.e. Password)
  2. Something you have (i.e. phone, trusted app, prox card)
  3. Something you are (i.e. biometrics like fingerprint or facial recognition)

Ready to begin?

Already Setup and Want to Change or Confirm your settings?

  • Sign in to
  • Click on your picture/account name in the top right, then select "profile" from the drop down.
  • Select "Edit Security Info" under the Manage Account section.

  • Mobile Email: After converting to LETU MFA you must use a mobile email client which supports MFA. Currently the following mobile email clients support LETU MFA:The Native Android email app and the Gmail App do not currently support LETU MFA. Please use the Android Outlook App for this platform
    If you see config options for App Passwords you should not use them. This feature is in the process of being deprecated and will stop working in the near future.
  • LETU Multi-factor may be required on any account which has been compromised before the user will be allowed to access the account again.

Looking to Dive Deeper? Here are some additional MFA Resources: