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  • How to Use Panopto for Audio Overlay Only (i.e. for Screencasts and Digital Whiteboards)
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By default, Panopto uses your computer’s webcam to capture a video of you, in addition to your computer screen. But what if you only want Panopto to record your screen and your voice, for example: to demonstrate how to properly use a software program, or to add a voice overlay as you utilize a digital whiteboard?

In order to disable webcam recording:

  • Under Primary Sources, change the Video input to “None.” This should disable the webcam, and the webcam preview should disappear.
    • If you want to use voice overlay, verify that the Audio input is correctly set to your audio recording device. If you do not want voice overlay, the Audio input can also be changed to “None.”
  • Under Secondary Sources, be sure to check (the screen that should be recorded.
    • NOTE: If you are using a device to interact with a digital whiteboard (such as a Wacom tablet), you will need to ensure the device is connected to the computer that is running Panopto. Panopto should recognize the digital whiteboard and record the contents of it once you have selected it as a secondary source.

 When set up properly, your settings should look something like the following:

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