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  • Common Canvas Issues (Student)
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Why are my courses not showing on my dashboard?

To make the courses you want appear on your dashboard, you have to star them on your courses list. Find out how to do so here: https://community.canvaslms.com/docs/DOC-10570. You will have to do this for every new course.

I'm not receiving Canvas notifications, or I'm receiving more than I'd like. How do I configure my notifications?

It is possible to change the default settings on your Canvas notification preferences. Notification settings apply to all of your courses; you cannot change settings for individual courses. Find out how to change your notifications here: https://community.canvaslms.com/docs/doc-10624

When I try to access a page or file in Canvas, I receive the following error:

This message usually means that the link you're trying to use directs to another course. This can occur when an instructor improperly copies from a previous iteration of a course, and the link still directs back to content in the old course instead of to the current course. Sometimes when this happens, an instructor can still see the page/file because they're enrolled in the old course, but students cannot since they are not enrolled in that course.

If you receive this message, contact your instructor and let them know that you're receiving an "unauthorized" message. Be sure to ask them to verify that the link is directing to the correct course.

When I try to submit a Turnitin paper, I receive the following error:

This error message means that your instructor has not properly set up the Turnitin assignment. Please contact your instructor and let them know about the error message.

I've received permission to turn in a paper late, but Canvas/Turnitin is not allowing me to submit. What do I do?

Contact your instructor and ask them to extend the due date for your assignment.

Why are Panopto videos in my course not working?

Typically, Panopto issues stem from one of two places:

  1. You have to authorize Panopto to access your Canvas account. If you are having trouble authorizing Panopto, please refresh the page, and before you click the blue authorize button, click the box for "Remember my authorization for this service."
  2. You are using an iOS app. Open Canvas in a browser (Google Chrome is recommended, but Safari should also work) and view the videos there. Panopto does not work in the apps.

When I try to view a Panopto video in my course, I receive a message that I don't have access, such as the following:

This typically means that your instructor has not yet moved their Panopto recording to a shared folder. Contact your instructor and let them know that you do not have access to the video(s), and ask them to move the video to a shared folder.

I'm having an issue with a video in my course that is not a Panopto video. What do I do?

Please email CDT@letu.edu and let us know the course name, number, and section as well as what page in the course you are having an issue with and we will look into it for you. A screenshot of the error you are receiving would also be helpful.

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