This article describes the guidelines, recommendations, and procedure for sending e-mails to the LETU campus community. This permission is granted to select individuals on behalf of their department or division and must be requested from IT. Please take special note of steps marked as CRITICAL.




  1. Compose your e-mail in the desktop Outlook application. Be sure to include a valid e-mail signature.
  2. Compose an appropriate Subject line.
  3. Spell-check your e-mail and double-check formatting.
  4. Enter letu@letu.edu in the FROM: field.
  5. CRITICAL: Enter the recipients in the BCC: field. (Instructions for viewing the BCC: field.) If you wish to test how the e-mail looks before you actually send it out, put your own e-mail address in the BCC: field at this step.
  6. Set the REPLY-TO: e-mail Address in the Message Options under Options > Direct Replies To > Have replies sent to
  7. Send your e-mail.
  8. Victory dance.


(NOTE: allfacultystaff@letu.edu is not a real e-mail address, so don't try to send to it unless you're starting a collection of rejection messages.)