This article describes the guidelines, recommendations, and procedure for sending e-mails to the LETU campus community.




  1. Compose your e-mail in the desktop Outlook application. Be sure to include a valid e-mail signature.
  2. Compose an appropriate Subject line.
  3. Spell-check your e-mail and double-check formatting.
  4. Enter the proper e-mail address in the FROM: field.
  5. Enter the recipients in the BCC: field. (https://support.office.com/en-us/article/show-hide-and-view-the-blind-carbon-copy-bcc-field-04304e27-63a2-4276-8884-5077fba0e229) If you wish to test how the e-mail looks before you actually send it out, put your own e-mail address in the BCC: field at this step.
  6. Set the REPLY-TO: e-mail Address in the Message Options under Options > Direct Replies To > Have replies sent to
  7. Send your e-mail.
  8. Victory dance.


(NOTE: allfacultystaff@letu.edu is not a real e-mail address, so don't try to send to it unless you're starting a collection of rejection messages.)