If the Alternate TFTP fields are blank or incorrect, the CUCM will not be able to update code or configure the device.

Updating the Alternate TFTP fields for remote phones

Step 1

Begin by pressing the Applications button on the phone's keypad. 

Step 2

Press the keypad number corresponding to Admin Settings (6).          

Step 3

Press the keypad number corresponding to Network Setup (1).

Step 4

 Press the keypad number corresponding to Ethernet Setup (1), or Wi-Fi (2) if your phone is connected to your phone wifi network. 

Step 5

Press the keypad number corresponding to IPv4 Setup (1).

Step 6

Enable Alternate TFTP by using the circular rocker button to navigate down to the Alternate TFTP option.

Select the Softkey to change the setting to On.


Step 7

Scroll down to the TFTP Server 1 option and press the middle button of the circular rocker to change the value.

Change the value to TFTP server1 -   and TFTP server 2  - 

Step 8

When finished select the Apply softkey.Select Erase when prompted that a Trust List is installed on the phone.

Step 9

The phone may disconnect from the VPN and then reconnect.

NOTE: if the TFTP setting are not configurable, the Network Settings may need to be reset (Admin setting →Reset settings → Network settings).

           After the reset, connection to the home network is required, before following the above steps again.

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