As part of keeping security measures current, Microsoft will be removing support for legacy authorization (logins) for email on phones.  If you're using the Outlook app for email on your phone already, this should not apply to you

If not:

Android Users:  Android mail apps do not support secure authorization for Microsoft email accounts and therefore you will need to remove the account from your Android mail accounts and install the Outlook app from the Play store.  

iPhone Users:  You can use either the default mail app or the Outlook app.  In either case, you will need to remove your LETU mail account and then re-configure it to let the appropriate authentication take place.  (steps below for iPhone)

To ensure your phone is using the most current security for LETU email, you'll need to first remove your existing LETU email account from your phone by proceeding through the following steps and then setup email again either by configuring iPhone email to use the 'Exchange' setting or by installing Outlook for Android or Outlook for iPhone/iOS.

(screenshots below are for an iPhone, but the same process will be required on your Android device to remove LETU from your Gmail or other email client before installing Outlook for Android.

1.  Remove your old LETU email account from your phone.  The easiest way to do this is to go to the "Settings" app on your respective phone and locate your LETU account.


2.  Once that olf account is removed, iPhone users can re-add it as follows:


3.  Enter your email address and a description for the account.  When you click 'Sign In' you'll be prompted for your password and to authenticate.


4.  After approving the request, you'll be prompted to select items that you want to sync, and then you should choose 'Save'.  Once completed, your account should be using the correct security methods.