Skype for Business (S4B) helps you stay connected to the people who are important to you via instant messaging, email, audio and video calls, and online meetings and presentations. You can connect to all students, faculty and staff at LETU along with users of the standard Skype product. Continue reading (and watching the videos) below to learn more about what S4B can do and how it could help you!




  • Faculty/Staff on LETU Computers:
    Skype for Business should already be installed on your computer. Go to Start > Microsoft Office 2013 (Windows 7) or Start > Office 365 (Windows 8 and Windows 10), and look for Skype for Business. 
  • Students, Faculty and Staff on Personal Devices:
    Skype for Business is included with Microsoft Office ProPlus (available for all LETU students faculty and staff).
    Click here for instructions on installing your personal copy of Microsoft Office.


With Skype for Business (S4B) you can message both users of Skype for Business at other schools and organizations, as well as standard Skype users worldwide. However it's important to add the contact correctly for each type of user since S4B doesn't automatically pick the correct directory.

Click here for instructions on adding S4B and normal Skype contacts


  • For personal use by Students, Faculty or Staff:

    • Built-in: If you have a laptop or tablet you may already have a built-in camera/microphone which will work.

    • WebCam: For those needing a webcam we recommend the Logitech C920 and C930 camera available from most major retailers.

    • Headset:  You do not need a headset unless you need privacy not provided by your speakers or the microphone built into your camera or portable device. Should you desire a headset, any USB headset compatible with your device should work. Major retailers such as Amazon have a wide range of corded and bluetooth cordless headsets.

  • For Faculty or Staff on LETU-managed computers:


What's Skype for Business?

Just a super efficient way to quickly connect with co-workers and business partners! Skype for Business is IM, calling, video calling, and sharing and collaboration all rolled into one package.


Quick tour

We'll show you the basics, then check out the links below for details.

Here's what the main page of the app looks like. (Want to learn how to add a contact?)

Skype for Business main window, diagrammed 

When you hover over a contact's picture, a quick menu appears.

Quick IM button

If you click the IM button, you'll get the conversation window.

TIP   You can also just double-click a contact's picture to open the conversation window and start an IM.

Here's what the conversation (IM) window looks like. (Want to learn how to send an IM?)

Skype for Business Conversation window, diagrammed 

And here's what the meeting window looks like. (Want to learn how to share your desktop or a program?)

Skype for Business Meeting window, diagrammed

More information...

The Skype for Business UI is pretty intuitive, so playing around with the app is a fun way to learn. Want more? Here are some help topics to get you started.

Add a contact in Skype for Business (TIP: You can add both LETU users and public Skype users to your contact list)

Send an IM in Skype for Business

Set up a Skype for Business meeting in Outlook

Start using Skype for Business for IM and online meetings

Share your desktop or a program in Skype for Business

Set up and test Skype for Business audio

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